CHILLICOTHE, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Everybody digs the long ball. And with IVC baseball this year, when you see the Grey Ghosts hit a home run, you can be sure it’s time to celebrate and party.

“We got the home run belt. Every time we hit a home run, you get to sign it and we’ve been signing it something different everytime, just messing around,” IVC senior Nick Rainey said. “Whoever hits the last home run gets to hand it off to the next person. So we’re all just feeding into it and I mean, it’s working out well for us right now.”

“Obviously it’s something fun, it get’s us going. It get’s us amped up for a home run, obviously it’s home run, you love to see it,” IVC senior Noah Chase said. “I think it’s great, it get’s us energized, a nice little celebration we have on the bench when we give it to them.”

While IVC has plenty of confidence at the plate this season, they do admit they do have some pregame rituals. They are just a little bit superstitious.

“I am very superstitious. Definitely not touching the lines (on the field). Do the same things during away games when we are on the bus, listen to the same music over and over again,” IVC senior Nathan Cooley said. “You know, not shaving my face if we are on a win streak, stuff like that.”

Those rituals and celebrations have the Grey Ghosts out to a great start this season. They believe that having fun is the key to picking up victories.

“Obviously the goal is to win, but we want to have fun. These guys are going to play better, they are going to perform better when they have fun, when they enjoy it,” said IVC baseball coach Josh Hofer. “So yeah, they have a home run belt that they get out there. And the biggest thing for me is that it brings them together. If we can get guys to play together, be together, that’s probably going to make us more successful.”