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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — The last four season for the Illinois Wesleyan softball team has ended at the College World Series… but this season, the national contending Titans won’t get a chance to win a NCAA championship due to the spring sports shutdown.

“We’re doing what we’re doing for a greater good, which is the biggest thing. And I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason,” IWU senior Ally Wiegand said. “I’m hoping that right now people can learn from this and take their own lesson out from this when we all step out from the other side.”

“It hurts, but at the end of the day it’s out of our control,” IWU junior Lexy Trammell said. “And we talk every day in practice about controlling what you can control. And the only thing that we can control right now is how we respond to this situation.”

And they are responding by having some fun. Titans senior Mia Massaro created a video of the team playing a viral game of catch… Even though the players can’t see each other during social distancing, they are finding ways to bond and strengthen their relationships.

“That is just one example of the personality of this team. And they deserve all the credit, they are the ones that rallied together and made that video,” Titans head coach Tiffany Prager said. “They are so talented in so many different ways and I think that the coolest thing about this group is that softball doesn’t necessarily define them.”

“This team outside of softball, we built relationships,” Trammell said. “And that is evident in this situation because we are still talking to each other, and looking forward to a planned game of Jeopardy! on Friday nights.”

With ten seniors on the roster, the Titans felt they had a good shot at a national championship, but they understand that what is happening is bigger than softball. It’s about staying safe and making the best out of a less than ideal situation.

Ally Wiegand/Illinois Wesleyan senior: “We like to have each others backs in these moments and I think that’s exactly what it’s showing, it’s picking each other up when you know, unfortunately we got the short end of the stick,” Wiegand said. “That’s just what it is. Sometimes this lesson is teaching that life doesn’t necessarily give you what you want all the time. But its making lemonade out of some lemons, even if they are some rotten lemons, we can still make some fun out of it, so.”

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