Izaiah Haslett Using Football Downtime To Work

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Peoria High football player Izaiah Haslett has dreamed of his senior year under the Friday Night Light’s since he was a kid. He’s been on the Lions football sidelines for a nearly decade.

“I’ve actually been a part of this program since I was eight, nine years old. My older brother Jonny Taylor and my other brother Coran Taylor have been a part of this program,” Haslett said. “I’ve never missed a game. I’ve been ready since that time.”

“When we first got here, one of the things we said is we wanted guys running around with football jerseys on when they are little, instead of everybody just walking around with a Kobe jersey or something to that effect,” Peoria High football coach Tim Thornton said. “It’s been nice to see that transition and see those guys start to buy in to where Peoria High football is something you grow up in Peoria wanting to be a part of.”

With football games on hold until March, Izaiah is still finding ways to stay busy. With extra time on his hands, he’s picked up his first ever job, working at Walmart.

“Just doing stuff, finding a way to stay busy. We haven’t had football for so long, so I just went to go get a job to keep myself focused,” Haslett said. “Instead of doing stuff, senseless acts in the real world, just give me something to focus and work harder for, especially with school, too.”

“We got a lot of guys right now who got jobs, and that makes it tough but it’s an opportunity for them at the same time,” Thornton said. “In all honesty, it forces them to juggle some real life adult type stuff early.”

Whether it’s on the field or on the job, Izaiah Haslett is putting in the time to insure he will have a successful future.

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