WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — This is how Kainon McQueary spends his spring.

On the same field where he plays football but playing a sports he’s played longer than football. Lacrosse.

“I started playing when I was five. I have been going at it 11-12 years,” McQueary said. “It’s up there with football. I don’t know which one I like better. I tell people it’s a mix of hockey and soccer but with a stick in your hand.”

McQueary is having breakout years in both his favorite sports. In the fall, he was a standout two-way player for the Panthers football team, a scoring threat as a running back every time he touched the ball.

That also describes the season he’s having in lacrosse. Washington’s leading scorer is scoring goals even with teams geared to stop him.

“You put the ball in his hands and he makes plays. It’s what’s special about him,” said Washington lacrosse coach Zach Davis. He’s kind of our workhorse. The kind of guy that when the pressure is on, you want the ball in his hands. He continues to make plays.”

McQueary had a seven-goal game last week against Bloomington-Normal.

“It’s knowing your offense and how they will defend you,” he said.

McQueary says the footwork and toughness of football helps him excel in lacrosse. However, he admits says scoring in each sport is equally difficult.

“There’s not as many on this (lacrosse) field as football. Might not be as hard, like putting your body on the line (in football),” said McQueary. “But putting the ball past the goal is difficult.”

He just makes it look easy.