Lewistown Pregame ‘Coin Toss’ Contest with Elmwood-Brimfield Rocking Internet

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LEWISTOWN, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Most coin flips at high school football games are ordinary.

But Friday’s at Lewistown anything but ordinary. In fact, it was extraordinary.

Lewistown coach Darren Winkler and Elmwood-Brimfield coach Todd Hollis are good friends. This summer their teams played each other in a passing league game at Stark County.

Those 7-on-7 games don’t involve kickoffs so teams typically flip a coin to see who starts the game with the football.

“Nobody had coins,” Darren Winkler said. “Someone said, play rock-paper-scissors. I looked at Todd (Hollis) and he said, ‘Let’s do that!'”

Friday night, Lewistown and Elmwood-Brimfield met in a regular season game. With the blessing of the referee, they bypassed the typical coin toss to determine the game’s first possession.

Instead, the senior team captains played rock-paper-scissors again. And just like in the summer match-up, Elmwood-Brimfield’s Noah Hollis beat Lewistown’s Dane Winkler.

“We actually came up with a few moves I was going to do,” said Noah Hollis. “I had my first five sequences planned out.”

Dane Winkler just shook his head.

“Actually I was undefeated (in rock-paper-scissors) until I played him,” Dane Winkler said. “He was the only kid I ever lost to. And then I lost to him no. I have two losses to him now.”

Elmwood-Brimfield won the game, 42-14. But all anyone is talking about is this contest that took the place of the coin toss.

The video, shot by Esther Winkler, the wife of the head football coach, has hundred of thousands of views on social media. And the viral video is giving Lewistown a fun memory in a difficult season where the team has a 2-6 record with one game to play.

“This is icing on the cake,” said Darren Winkler. “It’s something they will remember their whole lives.”

Winkler is set to retire from coaching after this season.

“The two senior players, who’s dads happen to be the coach,” said Elmwood-Brimfield coach Todd Hollis. “That was neat. The storm (that night) was over, the sun was coming out. It was the perfect end of the storm, I guess.”

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