GERMANTOWN HILLS, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — While libraries are still closed in Illinois, one area institution has given locals a chance to test themselves in a different kind of way. After seeing a video of an obstacle course set up outside a library in Nebraska, the Germantown Hills Branch Library was motivated to create their own challenge.

“Libraries are nothing if not a place to share information, so I took their inspiration,” Marketing and Events for Illinois Prairie District Public Library Donna Forbis said. “We came and we painted Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning last week and people have been coming out ever since.”

The course starts with a running segment before going into four straight jumps. followed closely by an area where you must spin four times. Once you’re nice and dizzy, you make five jumps over dots.

Then you’re told to follow a snake-like spiral before testing out your balance. Then its a sprint to the end for the final 20 yards at the checkered flag finish.

“Everybody has loved it,” Forbis said. “We put a video up on YouTube about a week ago, and the video has actually been seen over 2,500 times in the first week.”

The obstacle course is not just for kids. Adults and even sportscasters can try it out. It’s been a great addition to the Germantown Hills community.

“This particular sidewalk is also part of a larger walking path in the neighborhood, so we wanted to do something that would encourage people to come back to the library, even if they couldn’t come inside,” Forbis added. “So, it’s just something fun.”