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It’s a fun week for Richwoods standout Tianna Johnson.

She’s helping young girls get tougher and better at basketball at the “Skills For Life” camp. Just a couple of years ago, she was in the camp as a young, hungry player.

“It’s exciting because (I was) out there one time doing all those drills,” said Johnson. “Now coaching is fun and exciting because I wasthere once.”

Johnson is a fierce competitor. She earned her starting job at Richwoods as a freshman and hasn’t surrendered it.

Last December to fought her way back to the lineup after missing games with concussion-like symptoms. She’s pretty fearless.

But there is something she is afraid of.

“I’m afraid of the dark,” Johnson said while chuckling.

The junior who can shoot the lights out with the Knights doesn’t enjoy it when the lights go out in the gym. Or anywhwere else.

“One time, we had an early morning practice,” Richwoods sophomore Jaida McCloud said. “The lights went
off. She went crazy and ran outside. She will literally cry.”

It’s all true.

“In practice the power went out one time,” Johnson recalled. “I was all the way in the other gym. I ran outside to the light.”

She doesn’t like the dark at bedtime either.

“I have to sleep with the lights on and everything,” said Johnson. “I keep the TV on. And the lights.”

Perhaps the young athletes Johnson is coaching this week can help her with her fear of the dark as she helps them with basketball skills.

Then again, she’s a perfect role model for these young players. You can be afraid of the dark and not be be afraid of anything on a basketball floor. 

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