GLASFORD, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Junior Lily Luczkowiak loves basketball.

She loved it as a kid. And loved it when she first came to Illini Bluffs High school and had to play it with a mask on as freshman.

And she still loves it now. Despite being the player who’s constantly double-teamed and fouled by opponents.

“It’s frustrating in the moment but when I think back at it, it gives me confidence,” Luczkowiak said. “They feel the need to put two people on me, that must mean something.”

She’s led her team to a 16-8 record and early in the year to a 12-game win streak.

“We have a history with having a star player where people are just throwing double teams at her,” said Illini Bluffs head coach Jim Belville. “Just have to work a little harder. “It’s going to make her smarter in the end, learning how to move a little more effectively to get open.”

Luczkowiak seems to do be doing alright, despite all defensive attention she commands. She scored her 1,000th career point last week in a game at Elmwood.

One thing she enjoys as a release from basketball is drawing. Luczkowiak has done it for fun for a long time but a high school drawing class this year has really excited her.

“It’s a hobby, one of those things that never gets old. I’ll never grow out of that, it’s something I like to do,” said Luczkowiak. “I would say, it’s a release.”

Now what she’d like to do is draw up a way to help get her team to state.

“I would love to get my team to state. The encouragement I need to bring, being a leader out there. It would be amazing,” said Luczkowiak. “I think there’s a chance we could get that far.”