Local Athletic Trainer Lands Spot on Team USA for Special Olympics

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Greg Eberle is the assistant director of sports medicine at the Hopedale Wellness Center and the Chairman of the Medical Committee for Special Olympics Illinois Summer Games. 

But earlier this year he had the opportunity of a lifetime: To work with Team USA’s medical staff for the Special Olympics World Games in Austria.

“I put my application in and I had the great honor of being one of six members on the medical team for Team USA.”

Eberle’s main responsibility was overseeing activities at the snowshoeing venue and it was a dream come true.

“Being able to go over there and represent Team USA and be there for the athletes, it is a great honor. We were part of something bigger than ourselves. We were there for the athletes. It was great to see them go over there and compete at their best.”

Working with the Special Olympics athletes motivated Eberle to work as hard as he could each and every day.

“Every one of them is brave in the attempt and they do give it all they got. And that’s inspiring to all of us as their support staff. Theres no reason why we cant go out there and perform our daily task one hundred percent with a good attitude.”

“The unity that was shown on the world stage was the main thing that Eberle took from his experiences with Team USA, and plans to use in his daily life.

“The true essence of Special Olympics is that unity, that teamwork, the sportsmanship. I’m going to be there for you, you’re going to be there for me and we are going to do this together.”

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