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EL PASO, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — There’s a new, but familiar face on Nathaniel Meiss’ coaching staff at El Paso-Gridley this year. Nathaniel’s father and IBCA Hall of Famer Tim Meiss has joined the Titans bench as an assistant.

“This summer he was around all the time, I thought, well, we’ll get him in here to help us as much as we possibly can, and he’s been here every step of the way,” Nathaniel Meiss said. “So it’s great to have him around, the players have a lot of respect for him, when he speaks, they listen.”

Tim retired after 36 years as head coach at Eureka High back in April. But he had the itch to get back in the gym. Now he’s an assistant for the first time since 1975.

“It’s really been a great experience. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity. The players have really accepted me well, they have seen me coach against them the last few years,” Tim Meiss said. “And to have them accept me like that really means a lot.”

And what a special freshman year it is for Micah Meiss. Playing under his father and head coach Nathaniel Meiss, and under his grandfather and assistant coach, Tim Meiss.

“It’s awesome because my grandma comes, aunt and uncle are there sometimes, my mom is there,” Micah Meiss said. “It’s just amazing and I get a bunch of new knowledge from my grandpa being able to be with me during practice and games. It’s really cool having both of them.”

“I coached my two boys and that’s a hard thing to do, because it’s hard to separate, for a player, the difference between dad and coach,” Tim Meiss added. “When you got grandpa inbetween, I think that can soften the blow.”

“To have my son out there, I am trying to, as much as I can, enjoy the moments we have as a group,” Nathaniel Meiss said.

It’s a family affair for EPG basketball this year, with some lifelong memories being made by the Meiss family.

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