Multi-Sport Star Courtney Heffren May Have to Make Tough Choice

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EUREKA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — This is a tough summer for Courtney Heffren.

Working out with her Illinois Central College teammates is no fun.

“Last summer was so nice. We had weights at 6 a.m., camps, a break and came back for league (games,” Heffren said. “Now it’s like workout whenever you want.”

Heffren is a two-sport athlete at ICC. But last month, the National Junior College Athletic Association announced a new athletic schedule that pushes her sports to the spring.

And the volleyball and basketball seasons will overlap. That means for the first time in her life, Heffren may have to choose between playing her two favorite sports.

Her mom is one of her coaches.

“She even made the comment, ‘I don’t want to make the choice.’ I feel for her, I do,” said Tracy Hefffren, ICC’s volleyball coach. “It’s a hard thing. Unfortunately, she’s going to have to make that choice.”

At Eureka High School, Heffren made it to state in volleyball, basketball and track. She’s always played multiple sports.

“I knew I’d have to make a decision eventually but this is so abrupt,” Courtney Heffren said. “I wasn’t expecting it. It’s hard.”

Heffren says one of the best parts about playing multiple sports is making friends with players on different teams. But if she can only play on one team this year, she understands that aspect of her college experience will take a hit.

“I won’t have all the time I spent with the basketball girls because I won’t be with them, same with volleyball,” Heffren admitted. “I don’t know.”

Just another reason why it’s a tough summer for Courtney Heffren.

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