PEKIN, Illinois (WMBD) – Pekin football is 10-0 for the first time since 2001 and just the 4th time ever. The dragons offense has several playmakers, but maybe none more eyebrow-raising than the elusive Kanye Tyler. The senior is quick to deflect the reason for his performance to others.

“That’s all these guys getting me prepared. Especially at different positions on the field. I know scout team guys getting me prepared. I do one on ones all the time. I go against our best receiver Bo Benassi. I mean it’s just something they’re getting me prepared for and I guess it just turned out to be that way.

Kanye Tyler

One of his closest teammates running back Tanner Sprecher said the key to this season has been the team’s approach at practice.

“We always like to come out to practice every day,” he said. “We’re ready to practice. We want to come out here have fun, get better with each other, we love spending time with each other, we’ve got a great bond, we’ve all been playing with each other for many many years and that’s what really helps attribute to that.”

That preparation leads to sometimes video-game-like numbers for Kanye. In a game against Canton, he exploded for five touchdowns in just the first half.

“It is pretty awesome to have somebody like him back there that can always bust out a big play no matter what,” Sprecher said Like at any moment in the game he can change the momentum. And have somebody like that on your team is great to have.”

Tyler added, “See the thing about it is our seniors is we’re very hungry this season. Especially since a bunch of those [seniors] last year came up short.”

But more than anything, they’re grateful that the community has rallied behind them.

The support we have right now with the community behind us, it’s crazy. That really helps us on Friday night playing having that much people behind us on our backs wanting us to succeed.

Tanner Sprecher

It’s like that extra push. I mean when things don’t go your way, stuff goes left on you, you can just look out in that crowd at one moment and it feels like everything is okay.