Peoria High’s Dionysius Hogan Driven to Succeed

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PEORIA, Ill . (WMBD/WYZZ) — Dionysius Hogan is a busy man.

He’s spent most of his time this summer on the football field But that’s about to change.

“Coming up next week, I’m going to start working out with basketball. Keeping my footwork together so I won’t look like a receiver on the court,” Hogan said with a smile.

Right now the Peoria High senior is wide receiver is receiving praise for how he’s taken over as a leader. As the Lions approach a school year and sports season with a lot of questions, there is no question about the guy who is going to lead the team.

It’s the honor roll student who stars in two sports, Dionysius Hogan.

“I’ve been preparing my whole life for this. A lot of kids look up to me, a little sister and nephews. They look up to me,” Hogan said. “I’m showing them the right way to do it. They could be out doing bad things of they can follow me and do what’s right.”

Hogan is one of those players who is the first to show up for practice and the last to leave.

“The more the world throws more at him, the more he’s embraces it,” said Peoria High football coach Tim Thornton. “He’s taken ownership of all the events happening to him. His R has been to grown up and mature.”

There’s a skip in his step this summer. Hogan worked extra hours and saved up to buy a used car.

He purchased one and has it paid off. He says he doesn’t own a car to show off but to drive his teammates to practice.

“I really got a car so I can look out for the brothers on my teams, basketball and football,” Hogan explained. “All the seniors had cars last year and they’re gone. I want to look out for them like the seniors looked out for me.”

Another reason why Dionysius Hogan is a busy man this summer.

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