PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Dillon Bare didn’t celebrate Notre Dame’s soccer state championship very long.

He’s got work to do. Kicking footballs.

“Now that I’m finally just focusing on kicking, I feel better and my distance is picking up,” said Bare. “I feel like I have a shot at it.”

He’s taking a shot at football.

The soccer goalkeeper just started kicking footballs this summer. He says he’s kicked a 62-yard field goal in practice and is consistent from inside of 50 yards.

He was the placekicker for the Irish football team for the first time this fall. And this week, he heads to a national kicking camp, hoping to prove he can kick in college.

“Some of the highest level people, you think they’ve been doing this their whole lives but really they started their junior or senior years of high school like I did,” Bare said. “So I don’t feel any different than anyone else. It’s a cool opportunity.”

Since the end of the soccer season, Bare has been kicking inside the Louisville Slugger Dome in Peoria. He doesn’t have a whole lot of football experience to fall back on but he says all those years of playing pressure-packed soccer games as a goalkeeper will certainly help him in these upcoming football camps.

“I’ve been in stressful situations. I handle it well. I don’t get fazed by the stress,” Bare said. “I think that’s a big thing going into kicking. There’s always that mental side. Can you handle it? I think I’ve got it.”

Bare, the son of Notre Dame soccer coach Mike Bare, considered playing college soccer. But the admits lure of football became bigger.

“Just a month ago I was weighing my options if I wanted to play soccer in college or play football,” Bare admitted. “I had opportunities to play soccer after the season I had. I chose football.”