FAIRBURY, ILLINOIS (WMBD) – Prairie Central quarterback Drew Haberkorn has helped lead the Hawks to an 8-0 start, their best since 2006.

But the senior had not played since his freshman year, and only returned after making a promise with his best friends.

“I lost a bet with Drew Fehr and Camden Palmore. And no hate to the team last year, but I didn’t think we were going to be very good.”

Drew Haberkorn, Prairie Central Quarterback

“I mean I wanted him to play before the season but he wasn’t having it and so I made a bet that if we went 5-4 or better, he would have to play this year. Which at the time, it seemed like a fair bet but we ended up going 8-3 and had a better season than most people thought we would.”

Drew Fehr, Prairie Central Running Back

The 2021 team made it to the second round of the playoffs, more than ensuring Haberkorn would return. But Fehr suspected he would have come back anyway.

“I think he was happy, and I think he wanted to play. I think he might have played anyway, but I think it’s just funny,” Fehr said.

What few saw coming was that Haberkorn would win the starting quarterback job after his return, even Haberkorn himself.

I’m glad they had my back cause I did not expect to just come back and play starting quarterback.

Drew Haberkorn

The sudden thrust into a leadership role nearly got to Drew before their first game, but his teammates made sure to have his back.

“I was shaking,” Drew said. “I had to have Drew [Fehr] and everyone else calm me down. It was bad.”

What the two friends are most excited about is having a potential last ride in the playoffs, and doing it together this year.

Boy, I think we have something special here and I think everybody’s kind of on the same page.

Drew Haberkorn

It’s awesome to have a final senior season. It’s cool to be able to play these games together and possibly make a deep playoff run.

Drew Fehr