PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — The Rivermen play at home this weekend for the first time since Jan. 27.

They play three times in three nights this weekend at home. How many more Rivermen games will be played at Carver Arena?

It’s the question the players hope gets answered soon. Peoria native Mitch McPherson really has interest in the answer.

“The Rivermen have been here for 40 years,” McPherson said. “I grew up watching them and I’m trying to give back to the kids in our community now (volunteering) at Owens Center. And I hope it continues to go.”

The Rivermen don’t have a lease to play at the Civic Center beyond this season and the arena needs a new ice plant to help make the ice playable in the future. That piece of equipment could cost anywhere between $2-4 million.

“It’s been 40-plus years of Rivermen hockey,” said Rivermen center JM Piotrowski. “Any news that’s good now will brighten a lot of days. I think we just want to have hockey here in this town to stay.”