Soo Kim Represents Peoria As Taekwondo Grandmasters Society President

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42 years ago, Korean-born taekwondo enthusiast Soo Kim moved to Peoria with a passion for teaching. Now he’s the president of the United States Grandmasters Society. And he still has a passion for sharing his knowledge

“I didn’t even think, a few years ago,” Soo Kim said.

But after decades of hard work and determination, Peoria resident Soo-Kim has reached the pinnacle of taekwondo. In April, Soo-Kim was elected as the president of the taekwondo grandmasters society in the United States. Despite that honor, the Korean born taekwondo grandmaster still teaches in central Illinois.

“I really enjoy to help young people, because I have been there and I want to help them,” Soo Kim said. “Whatever you do, you don’t quit. You keep to it, you’ll be good.”

In 1982, Soo-Kim opened the doors here at his taekwondo school on the corner of Underhill and Main here in Peoria. Ever since then, he’s been enjoying teaching everybody that walks through that door the art of taekwondo.

“Taekwondo is to disciple mind, body and spirit. Sound body is good. Sound mind is even good,” Soo Kim said. “I can do anything if I needed to do.”

Even at 69 years old, Soo-Kim says he will continue to teach as long as he enjoys it… he says it helps promote a healthy way of living.

“Just a relaxation, build your confidence, be positive,” Soo Kim said. “Be good, to everybody. Be kind, you know. Be nice.”

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