PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — If you’ve watched or listened to a high school sporting event stream in central Illinois in the last couple of years, chances are you owe a ‘thank you’ to Clutch Sports Media.

“There are few words that are more exciting than clutch,” Larry Larson said. “That’s a clutch play. That’s a clutch player. Steps up in the clutch. And we like to think that our coverage is clutch sometimes”

Since 2019, Bradley University students Larson and Joey Wright have provided central Illinois sports fans with over 300 live broadcasts of high school sports through the company they founded, Clutch Sports Media.

It started as a way to get more reps calling games as broadcasters, but has grown into a business with a full time staff of 12 people.

“Really proud of how I’ve developed and how Larry has developed as well as a broadcaster,” Wright said. “But I’m just as proud of the production value and how we keep looking for ways to make it look better. People care about if the camera is level, do the graphics look good, does everything kind of fit together?”

“It’s definitely helped me as a broadcaster, but it’s probably helped me as a person a little bit more,” Larson said. “Dealing with the people has been the best part, the most fun part, the most exciting part and also the most difficult part. Keeping track of finances and managing people.”

Larry and Joey are on track to graduate from Bradley this spring and have full time jobs lined up. But Clutch Sports Media will continue to serve central Illinois and beyond, covering games and providing opportunities for young professionals.

“Keep involving students from Bradley. Hopefully get them more broadcasting reps, production reps, camera operation,” Larson said. “You know, show them the ropes. Teach them a little bit, give them an opportunity to kind of make it what they want.”

“You don’t know what it means to people when you’re sending it out,” Wright said. “But then you get an email or a tweet or a Facebook message and they say ‘Great coverage, loved watching the game,’ that kind of stuff has been awesome. So just thankful for the support and excited to see where we go.”