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ELMWOOD, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Making the state playoffs is a special blessing for the Elmwood-Brimfield football team this year.

It’s giving the Hollis family another varsity football game together.

“They’ve played on all the Little Leagues together. The basketball teams, together, biddy ball, all that stuff,” said Elmwood-Brimfield coach Todd Hollis. “They were ball boys (with the team) and came up threw that.”

Hollis is talking about his sons, senior quarterback Noah and junior lineman Caleb. They are playing their final season of football on the same team.

“It’s an opportunity not a lot of people have, especially with a brother and a dad,” said Caleb Hollis. “I’m grateful for it.”

The Hollis’ have helped E-B to a 6-3 record and a class 3A first round playoff game Saturday at Chicago Clark.

“It’s probably the coolest experience of my life. Not many people get to do that,” said Noah Hollis. “Not many have a situation where he protects me (from the offensive line). .And my dad and I have been doing football stuff since I was little.”

Todd Hollis says his wife Anne has reminded the members of this football family to embrace this season and it’s unique set-up. Noah will graduate this school year ending the three-person Team Hollis with the football team.

And the coach admits he has to sometimes step back and take in this last chance to coach his boys together.

I need to remind myself to pause occasionally and enjoy that,” Todd Hollis said. “It’s happened a couple times in games. They’ve had big plays, both of them and I’ve stopped to take a moment (of reflection). And then you’re back into it.”

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