PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — As a high school basketball player in New York state, Terry Roberts felt under recruited. As a junior college product at Florida Southwestern State, Roberts game developed. And now as Bradley’s starting point guard and leading scorer, the chip on his shoulder remains.

“Growing up, it was hard being overlooked and things like that,” Roberts said. “So just wanting to make sure you show everyone that I’ve always been that guy. That’s what keeps me going, really.”

Roberts has blossomed into stardom during his first year with the Braves. But the growth he’s most pleased with has nothing to do with his play. It has to do with his voice.

“On the basketball court, sometimes I’ll be so locked in I don’t want to say anything. But getting out of that and being more of a point guard and a leader,” Roberts said. “Knowing I have to say things and being more of a vocal guy on the court. When I first got here, I would say I wouldn’t talk that much and I talk a lot now, so I’m loving the growth.”

Roberts’ attributes a lot of his improvement’s to the summer leading into his junior year. Head coach Brian Wardle says Roberts’ development was eye opening.

“Sometimes when you get guys, they surprise you when they come to you. I give Terry a lot of credit, he improved from the end of his junior college season to when he stepped foot on campus,” Wardle said. “He’s a different player right now than he was three months ago.”

“All my hard work has definitely paid off and I’m happy with how everything is going, but it’s not blowing my head up or anything,” Roberts added. “I’m still the same guy and I’m still going to continue to get in the gym and work hard each and every day until I can get better.”