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Tremont Junior Not Letting Disablity Slow Him Down

Extra Effort: Alex Brungart

TREMONT, Ill. - Alex Brungart is a junior at Tremont High School.

Born deaf, he can't hear out of his right ear and is partially deaf in his left ear. But he hasn't let that affect the way he lives.

"I started playing baseball when I was four. I grew up, and Im here and in high school," said Brungart. "It's pretty tough, but I try my best, I'm trying my best."

The junior plays basketball at Tremont. He says playing sports has given him the confidence to get the feeling that he has all the strength in the world.

"Now I'm having a good time with my teammates and understanding what they're saying and having a great time with them and having fun, make some jokes," Brungart said..

Brungart says he is willing to work as hard as possible to reach his lifetime goal of playing professional baseball. But he also wants to help children with disabilities.

He is a counselor in training at Camp Lions, a foundation that helps visually and hearing impaired kids.

"I would love to help people out," said Brungart. "I don't want kids to be so sad, so left behind, so alone. I want to make kids feel better. I want to have fun!"

Brungart, 16, is making his family, his teammates and his community proud with every swing of the bat

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