PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — It’s the end of the summer and school is about to start but 15-year-old Savannah Jost is all smiles as she works basketball camp this week.

“It feels nice because I get back into it,” Jost said at the Curley Boo Johnson ‘Skills for Life’ camp. “I get to forget about my cancer and get back into getting ready for the season.”

The Tremont High school volleyball and basketball player was diagnosed with Hodgskins Lymphoma on January 10th then began eight rounds of treatment which included chemotherapy in Peoria and radiation in Memphis.

Last week, her doctors removed her port, the device used to give treatments and draw blood, paving the way for Jost to resume playing sports. High school volleyball practice starts Monday.

“My doctors are pretty confident that it’s completely gone but they are going to scan me in the next two months to make sure,” said Jost. “Then keep scanning me.”

Jost will have to ease back into activity as she admits she’s a bit out of shape. And her doctors want her to build up strength before she dives back into sports.

However, she says she’s ready to put in the work to get back with her teammates.

“I missed it because I couldn’t do what I love to do the most,” said Jost. “Basketball and volleyball are my favorite sports. I get to play and show my skill on the court.”

And she’s looking forward to representing her school and community which is helping her and other kids in their fight against cancer.

“Having support (through her treatments) was nice.” Jost said. “I remember when we did then Hoops for Hope (fundraising) event. It turned out amazing. We got $20,000. It was amazing how the community came out and supported me through this.”