BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Mollie and Ellie Vetter have done it hundreds of times.

The sisters walk down to the bullpen and warn up before a softball game.

“People ask, ‘Oh, you play softball. What position?’ I’m the catcher,” Molllie Vetter said. “They ask about Ellie. She pitches. Then they say, ‘Oh you have been together forever.’ And it’s true.”

It is true. That’s why the warm-up for Monday night’s Bloomington-Normal Girls Softball Association All-Star game was sentimental.

Each year since they learned to play, the twins have played on the same softball team. Monday night the pitcher and catcher played their final games together as Bloomington Raiders teammates.

“After this we’re not really splitting up but going our own ways and seeing how we’ll do on our own, for sure,” said Ellie Vetter.

Next season they’ll play college softball for different schools. Ellie with pitch at Parkland College while Mollie will catch at McKendree University.

“She’s always been behind the plate for me, been my biggest fan,” said Ellie Vetter. “We’ve never played on a different team.”

The sisters helped Bloomington win the Big 12 title and a regional championship this year.

And that’s what makes this so bittersweet.

“I’m so used to her and she’s used to me.” Mollie Vetter said. “It’s definitely going to be a hard adjustment.”

Ellie was named the MVP for the Intercity All-Star squad which won the game, 15-7. She allowed a run in her three innings as pitcher and she doubled home two runs from the plate.

Mollie delivered a two-run single in the win.

“For sure,” Ellie Vetter said. “The dynamic duo.”