WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Sami Schulte loves to play volleyball.

She’ll play it next year at Parkland College. But volleyball isn’t her only love.

“I’ve always had a fascination for cheer,” Schulte said. “I thought it was a cool sport with the tricks, flips and stuff.”

So when she came to high school, she made the cheer team that fires up fans at games. But that’s not all, Schulte made the competitive cheerleading team.

“With the stereotypical cheerleader, they see the sideline cheerleading, when you stand there and look cute and cheer when there’s timeouts,” the senior said. “They don’t see us lifting 100-pound girls in the air.”

Cheerleading gives Schulte a way to compete after the fall high school volleyball season. It’s a different kind of competition, using different muscles but with the same goal.

To win.

“With volleyball, I have 25-plus chances to make an error and fix it,” said Schulte. “With competitive cheerleading I have one chance to go out there in a three-minute routine. I go out there and do my best.”

Washington competes at the Peoria High sectional on Saturday, seeking for a bid to state.

“This is a really hard sport because like Sami said, you only get one shot,” said Washington cheerleading coach Maureen Minehan. “You get three minutes. If you mess up once, you can’t go back and fix it.”