Peoria High Lineman Mean With The Viola


Senior Oscar Richmond is at the center of a strong Peoria High School offensive line.

He centers the line that has helped the Lions score an average of 60 points per game.

“The biggest thing we like to preach is all work, no days off, no weeks off,” said Richmond. “I feel like that’s why we are undefeated right now.”
Richmond doesn’t take days off in class, either. He has a 3-point-9 grade point average.

The lineman moved to Peoria from Memphis two years ago and brought with him a football talent that will land him on a college team next year.

He also brought his viola.

“I’ve always been a big fan of classic music,” said Richmond. “It’s not as popular anymore, nobody listens to it. But I decided to keep listening to it. I thought this is pretty cool and it could be cool to play it.”

He’s been playing the viola for five years.

“You use your energy in different ways,” said Richmond. “It’s like having a certain rhythm.”

Richmond’s rhythm is great in his orchestra class. It’s also great on the field where he’s helped top-ranked Peoria High to an 8-0 record.

“He’s got his priorities in line, for sure,” said Peoria High coach Tim Thornton. “He knows what’s important to him, to his future, he;s motivated to do great things for himself and change his situation in life. He’s doing a great job.

Richmond is helping the Lions make a beautiful melody on the field and he says he’ll continue to make music off it, too. And that might be a shock to his teammates.

“Maybe one or two have heard me play,” said Richmond. “It’s weird, you have this 300-pound lineman holding a tiny viola.” 

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