At a time where GOAT debates come a dime a dozen, Aaron Judge made headlines on Saturday after the Yankees star offered his opinion on the greatest players to ever don the iconic pinstripes.

Judge made his picks on the new episode of the On Base with Mookie Betts podcast, where he was asked by the Dodgers star for his Mount Rushmore of Yankees greats.

Considering the many legends who’ve played for the Yankees, it stood to wonder just who Judge would select. But, in the end, the reigning AL MVP seemed steadfast in his selections, which were as follows: Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter.

Judge highlighted some of the accomplishments of each Hall of Famer, but decided to expound on his selection of Jeter a bit further.

“Just how he played the game, treated every single day. The competitiveness, that’s what it’s about, man,” Judge said of the former franchise shortstop. 

While Judge’s list may spark even more debates among the Yankees faithful, it’s hard to argue with the four-time All-Star’s list.

Outside of the obvious GOAT status of each player, Berra, Mantle, Ruth and Jeter are among the most decorated players in MLB history. The quartet accounted for a combined 32 World Series titles, 54 All-Star appearances and seven MVP awards, in addition to a host of other accolades.