WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nexstar) — President Donald Trump told mayors from across the country that Washington is ready to help.

The President invited nearly 200 mayors to the White House on Friday to meet with administration officials like Jim Carroll.

“To sit with them [U.S. mayors], hear about their concerns, hear about what is happening there and how we can help them,” said Carroll.

Mayor of Norfolk Virginia, Kenny Alexander, says there’s one thing every city in America needs: money.

“We are here to advocate for housing dollars, infrastructure dollars, transportation dollars,” said Alexander.

The mayors say infrastructure is a top priority. They say cities across the country desperately need federal dollars to help repair roads and bridges.

Mayor Jeff Williams of Arlington, Texas, says his community is growing and it’s a challenge to keep up with basic maintenance.

“We got to be able to move people in and out and have the infrastructure there for it,” said Williams.

Just down the road in Fort Worth, Mayor Betsy Price says she’s dealing with the same issues.

“We’d love to see additional dollars for our highways to connect and rebuild out of our interstates,” said Price. “Many of them are vastly under-served.”

Trump didn’t specifically address infrastructure but advisers promise to work closely with the mayors and their communities in the future.