Young climate activists march on Washington, hope they are being heard


WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) — Young climate activists marched in Washington D.C. Friday. They want their leaders to do more to address what they said is a climate in crisis.

The protesters were joined by a young woman from Sweden who has recently gained international attention.

Their message is loud, but is it coming in clear for those who matter in Washington?

“Politicians, even if they’re not in their offices, they’re definitely watching somewhere and they’ll see our strength in numbers,” said protester Megan Johnson.

But at this “climate strike,” no politicians were anywhere to be found, though that didn’t seem to phase the hundreds who showed up.

“I think the people in charge need to be held accountable,” said protester Avery Dell.

At one point, the protesters were joined by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, a climate activist from Sweden who they said helps bring attention to what they’re doing in Washington.

“Being in the nation’s capitol, I felt like I now have an opportunity to take more steps and more actions towards solving these problems,” Dell said.

But some at the protest said despite its importance, climate issues still get drowned out by other topics like gun control and health care.

“I think they’re all important, but I don’t think it’s getting the same attention,” said protester Jarryd Rouch.

And some at the protest said the climate problem needs their attention because it hasn’t been addressed by those they said created it.

“Boomers are making decisions, they’re not going to be around to feel the impact of those decisions,” Rouch said. “We are the ones who are going to be here.”

They hope being here, today, makes an impact on all of their tomorrows.

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