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Do you know the dangers of flash flooding?

Flash flooding is exactly what is sounds like: floods that happen in a flash. It’s basically a rapid and extreme flow of rising water over a normally dry area. This can be anything from a sidewalk to a farm field. The flooding usually develops within six hours of the cause.  

Some common causes are heavy rain, ice or debris jams and the occasional levee or dam failure.  
As you’ve heard before, there’s many reasons why you should heed the warning of turn around, don’t drown. 

For example, 12 inches of fast flowing water is enough to sweep your car away, and a bigger vehicle like an SUV will float in a foot and a half to two feet of water. To add insult to injury, most flooding deaths occur from driving into flooded roadways.

And if you think you know the condition of the road, think again. Flood water could easily collapse or compromise the road. Always be sure to avoid driving when a flash flood warning is issued for your area.

No matter what flash flooding scenario you find yourself in, get out of harms way, turn around, don’t drown.

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