Zach’s Weather Whys: NFL conditions

Zach's Weather Whys

Did you ever wonder which NFL teams play in the worst conditions?

What team do you think has it bad in the elements? I’m breaking down my top three and telling you why it’s a challenge for different teams.

You may be thinking of the cold, but the third-harshest city is actually Miami, Fla. The average high temp for both September and October is near 90 degrees. The heat index from all the moisture there just adds to the pain for the Dolphins.

Playing in Miami presents the challenge of staying hydrated while focusing on the game. Miami can average about 17 days each September and October when highs rise into the 90s. September is also the rainiest month.

Number two on my list is Green Bay, Wis. Fans in the stands are often seen bundled up during the winter months. The Packers have to be very cautious running through heavy snow and gusty winds.

A typical high temp in January is around 25 degrees, which makes a hard game even tougher. Not to mention the average snowfall for the month is right around one foot.

And number one is Buffalo, New York. The Bills can pick up almost eight feet of snow in a year. Players can easily intercept up to five feet of snow in a season.

That’s why you frequently see the Buffalo Bills working in a winter wonderland.

Did your favorite team make the list?

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