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Below are the River Flood Warnings currently in effect…

Illinois River

Illinois River Near Peoria

  • Continues until further notice
  • River level at 4:45 PM Tuesday was 25.29 Feet
  • Flood Stage: 18.0 Feet
  • Forecast: River will slowly fall through next week.
  • Impacts: Moderate Flooding. 
    • 35.2 Komatsu levee overtops.
      30.6 The Peoria Sanitary District Levee overtopped at 30.6 feet.
      30 Water overtops the levee at the Pekin sewage treatment plant.
      29 Water overtops Pekin and LaMarsh levee at the railroad crossing. Constitution Avenue becomes inundated.
      28.7 Water inundates four blocks of Water Street in Peoria.
      28 Entire length of Lake Street in Spring Bay is inundated.
      26.5 Several houses in Rome and Chillicothe become isolated. Homes on Sunset Dr. between North Ave. and Collins Ave…4 miles SSW of Bay View Gardens…are surrounded by water. In Spring Bay…North Lake Street from Missouri St. to Zimmerman Rd. is flooded.
      26 Water inundates road by the railroad track north of the Pekin treatment plant. Liberty Park in Peoria is flooded.
      25.2 The parking lot in Peoria’s Riverfront Village and 1 block of Water Street are flooded.
      25.1 A portion of Layne Crossing and North Street are closed in the Rome and Chillicothe areas. Poplar Lane floods in Peoria Heights.
      25 Damage begins at Pekin sewage treatment plant.Minor property damage in Peoria by the river.
      24.5 A portion of River Beach Drive and Second Street become flooded in the Chillicothe and Rome areas.
      24 Water begins to cover some streets in East Peoria.
      23 Some secondary roads affected in Peoria county and damage begins to buildings in Rome.
      22.7 Flooding begins to low lying areas in Peoria Heights and Peoria’s Riverfront Park.
      18 Some flooding begins to bottomland not protected by levees.
      17.5 Water approaches Spring Bay Park.
      16.7 Pumping begins in East Peoria near the train yard and Wesley Slough.

Illinois River at Ottawa

  • Continues until late Friday Night
  • River level at 4:30 PM Tuesday was 465.06 feet
  • Flood Stage: 463.0 Feet
  • Forecast: The river will fall below flood stage Friday evening.
  • Impacts: Minor Flooding. 
    • 476 Water reaches top of Illinois River levee at Ottawa High School.
      475.8 Water reaches to flood protection wall on Fox River south of Main Street Bridge near Ottawa High School.
      475.3 Heritage Harbor lower basements begin to flood.
      474.5 Water reaches top of Fox River levee at Ottawa High School.
      474 Shoreline Boat Club building will be under water. Illinois River will overtop the berm at Waste Water Treatment Plant if not sandbagged.
      472 Ottawa Regional Hospital west parking lot floods.
      471.5 Water reaches top of Illinois River levee at city of Ottawa Waste Water Treatment Plant.
      471.3 Fox River water reaches center of YMCA parking lot.
      470 St Elizabeth Medical Center in Ottawa loading dock and property are threatened. Shabbona Street near Ottawa High School floods.
      468.8 Water reaches top of Fox River bank at YMCA.
      468.1 River Rescue Squad threatened.
      467 Green Street at Shoreline Boat Club floods.
      466.4 Hudson Street River Walk near the Fox River outlet floods. Fox River Park floods. St. Clair Street floods.
      465.5 Marquette High School football fields begin to flood.
      465.3 Lower green spaces of Ottawa Regional Hospital begin to flood.
      465 Heratige Harbor Harberwalk floods. Dock ramps can only be accessed by boat.
      463.9 Water reaches top of Fox River bank at St Elizabeth Medical Center in Ottawa.
      462.4 Allen Park entrance threatened and west boat ramp is submerged.
      460.8 River Rescue emergency boat dock is submerged. Ottawa High School begins flood fighting.

Illinois River at La Salle

  • Continues until further notice
  • River level at 4:45 PM Tuesday was 27.82 Feet
  • Flood Stage: 20.0 Feet
  • Forecast: The river will continue to fall to a stage of 27 feet by Wednesday evening.
  • Impacts: Moderate Flooding
    • 33 The business district in La Salle floods.
      30 Water reaches the top of the La Salle water pumping station pit.
      29.5 Hennepin levee overtopped.
      28.5 Floodwater begins to cover Water Street in Peru.
      22 Riverside parking lot at Starved Rock State park floods.
      21 Low lying agricultural areas from 6 miles upstream to 12 miles downstream are flooded.
      20 Agricultural areas in La Salle, Spring Valley, and Peru lowlands are flooded.
      17.5 Some flooding of agricultural land begins.

Illinois River at Henry

  • Continues until further notice
  • River level at 4:45 PM Tuesday was 29.05 Feet
  • Flood Stage: 23.0 Feet
  • Forecast: The river will hold steady through Wednesday with a slight rise possible after Thursday.
  • Impacts: Moderate Flooding. 
    • 32.5 Illinois Route 18 in Marshall County is closed. Parts of Illinois Route 17 between Sparland and Lacon are closed.
      32 Water begins flooding parts of Illinois Route 18 between Henry and Illinois Route 26. Parts of Illinois Route 17 begin to flood.
      30.5 The Marina building, Waterworks Park, and grain loading facility in Henry are flooded.
      29.6 A few homes begin to flood in Henry.
      28 Flooding begins to affect buildings east of Illinois Route 29 in Sparland.
      23 Water begins to affect the marina in Henry along with minor flooding of land adjacent to the river.

Illinois River at Havana

  • Continues until further notice
  • River level at 4:45 PM Monday was 20.21 feet
  • Flood Stage: 14.0 Feet
  • Forecast: River will rise to 21 feet by Friday morning then begin falling.
  • Impacts: Moderate Flooding. 
    • 30.1 Liverpool Levee overtops.
      27 Thompson Lake Levee is overtopped. The Duncan Mills levee overtops…flooding agricultural land.
      26 Big Lake Levee is overtopped. Water reaches the low steel on the US 136 bridge over Lacy Ditch…just west of Havana.
      25.6 Globe (Crabtree) Levee is overtopped.
      25 Water reaches the low steel on the IL 78/97 bridges over Lacy Ditch and the Spoon River…just north of the wye with US 136.
      22 Riverfront Park in Havana is inundated.
      19.5 Access road to Anderson Lake north campground closed.
      14 Minor flooding begins to agricultural areas not protected by levees.

Mackinaw River

Mackinaw River near Congerville

  • No flood warnings

Spoon River

Spoon River at London Mills

  • No flood warnings

Spoon River at Seville

  • No flood warnings

Vermilion River

Vermilion River near Pontiac

  • No flood warnings

Vermilion River near Leonore

  • No flood warnings

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