Central Illinois sees its first snow of the season

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Historical date of first snowfall. Source NOAA

Peoria, Ill (WMBD) – It wasn’t much but Peoria saw its first snow of the season after it received a trace of snow Monday. A narrow band of snow moved through Central Illinois between 8 am and noon bringing a light dusting of snow to grassy and elevated surfaces. So far Peoria is sitting at just a trace of snow, but if the official observation comes back at or more than 0.1″ then today will go down in the books as Peoria’s first measurable snow of the 2020-2021 season.

While October snowfalls in Central Illinois are not common, it does happen, perhaps more than one would think. In fact looking back at the records, 21 out of the 31 days in October have reported at least a trace of snow since records began in in 1893, many of those dates reporting snow multiple times throughout the years. Just last year Peoria saw 4.2 inches of snow between October 29th and October 31st. However, most of our October snowfalls are light with Peoria’s average snow accumulation for October sitting at just a trace.

So, when does Peoria typically see its first snowfall? Well, the answer to that question depends on what stats you look at so I’ll list them all below.

Stats based on snowfall records since snowfall records began in 1904

Average date of first measurable snowfall – November 21st
Average date of first 1 inch snowfall – December 8th

Stats based on the 30 year (1981-2010) “normal” period (this is the period from which our daily averages are calculated)

Average date of first measurable snowfall – November 23rd
Average date of first one inch snowfall – December 11th

The Historical Probability of seeing your first snow
NOAA released a report showing that Peoria’s historic date of first measurable snowfall is November 8th. This date isn’t the average first snowfall but is instead the historic date by which there’s a 50% of having 0.1″ inches of accumulated snowfall. You can read that report, complete with an interactive map, here.

Either way you slice it, Peoria’s first measurable snowfall often comes in the first three weeks of November while our first one inch snowfall comes in the first two weeks of December.

More snow on the horizon?
Peoria could see another quick round of snow Tuesday morning, after that it appears that the chances for more snow will be minimal with warmer weather returning for the end of the month. Another storm system will lift north with some moisture from Hurricane Zeta to bring widespread rain to Central Illinois Wednesday night and Thursday.

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