Fall officially begins Monday

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Peoria, Ill. – With summer-like temperatures impacting Central Illinois this week, it may be hard to believe that Fall is just a few days away.

Autumn officially begins the moment the Sun appears to cross the equator heading south. This moment is called the Autumnal Equinox and occurs at 2:50 AM CDT on Monday, September 23rd, 2019.

Looking back at Summer (June 1st through August 31st)

Central Illinois experienced near average temperatures and below-average rainfall. Across the state, temperatures were generally near average statewide but there was a sharp contrast in rainfall. The southern half of the state experienced above-average rainfall while the northern half saw below-average rainfall.

Fall outlook (September 1st through November 30th)

The Climate Prediction Center’s outlook for the next few months calls for above-average temperatures in Central Illinois. As for precip, it is unclear what Central Illinois will experience through November.

Tracking fall foliage

Leaves appear green thanks to the process of Photosynthesis which converts sunlight into produce food from carbon dioxide and water. A key chemical compound involved in photosynthesis is Chlorophyll which gives leaves their green hue.

As the days get shorter, the production of chlorophyll decreases and the shades of green begin to disappear showing off the true color of the leaf. While a few trees are already starting to change, the fall foliage doesn’t peak until mid to late October in Central Illinois.

Typical peak of fall foliage across the U.S.

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