Peoria, Ill. (WMBD) — A clipper system could bring some snow to Central Illinois for Halloween. While snow falling on Halloween is not unheard of, it is certainly rare.

Snow falling in Peoria on Halloween is a very rare occurrence and has only happened 2 times (officially) since records began in 1893. The first instance was a trace of snow in 1918 and most recently in 2019 when Peoria picked up 3.9″ of snow, a record high single day snowfall for October.

Snow has fallen prior to Halloween on 13 other occasions, with October 29th being the day with greatest number of snowfalls (4) in the month.

Here’s a look at the weather statistics for Peoria on Halloween. Note these are based on official observations which were measured in downtown Peoria from 1893 to 1904, Bradley University from 1905 to 1943, and at Peoria International Airport since 1943. All data is from the NWS Central Illinois.

Normal High and Low Temperature58° and 38°
Warmest High Temperature85° in 1950
Coldest High Temperature32° in 2019
Warmest Low Temperature64° in 1974
Coldest Low Temperature14° in 1925
Wettest Halloween1.69″ in 1994
Snowiest Halloween3.9″ in 2019
Whitest Halloween1.0″ in 2019
Frequency of Measured Precipitation33.8% (47 of 139 Years)
Frequency of Warm Temperatures (Highs ≥ 70°)16.5% (23 of 139 Years)
Frequency of Cold Temperatures (Lows ≤ 32°)21.6% (30 of 139 Years)
Sunrise and Sunset7:28 am and 5:57 pm

Trick-or-Treat Forecast

It will be a chilly evening for trick-or-treaters as temperatures sit in the low to mid 30s. Light snow showers will be possible for those heading out between 4 pm and 5 pm. Winds will be blustery from the northwest at 15-25 mph bringing wind chill values down into the low to mid 20s.