PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A widespread area of storms swept through Central Illinois through Tuesday morning.

Storms brought some damaging winds and reports of hail, though the primary issue was heavy rain. Many areas in Central Illinois had reports of flooded streets, as well as cars stalled out in the water.

Washington picked up just over three inches of rain, resulting in flooded roads. There was enough water on the road to cause cars to stall out.

Much of the Peoria area saw more than an inch of rain. Roads like Knoxville and Sommer had to be shut down with roughly three inches of water pooling on the streets.

Police had to reroute traffic Monday morning due to high and fast-moving water at Lake and University Avenue.

There were multiple reports of small hail as well with the storms rolling through, with Galesburg seeing pea-sized hail. High winds resulted in multiple areas of power outages and tree limb damage west of the Illinois River.

Storm Reports

Wind Damage

McLean – Downed powerlines.

Atlanta – Downed powerlines.

Lincoln – Downed powerlines.

Farmington – Gusts recorded up to 55 mph.

Rain Fall Totals

East Peroria (Fondulac Drive) – 4.1″

Washington 3.65″

Tremont – 3.50″

Alta – 2.64″

Lawndale – 2.60″

West Peoria – 2.40″

Mackinaw – 2.20″

Morton – 2.03″

Germantown Hills -1.76″

Peoria – 1.63″ in one hour

Logan County Airport – 1.40″

Pekin – 1.38″

Flash Flooding

Peoria Heights- Saw water high enough to rise over car tires at 8:10 AM.

Peoria – multiple roadways in Peoria saw flash flooding at about 8:17 a.m. Allen Road and Knoxville Avenue flooded.

Washington – Three-inch deep water on roadways at about 8:30 AM.

Eureka – Six inches of water on Route 24.

Alta – Sommer Street is closed between Pioneer Parkway and Candletree Drive.


Canton – 1″

Dunfermline- .75″

Galesburg – .5″

Downed corn from both Monday and Tuesday morning’s storms.