An unusually cold stretch for us. So, you want 70s?
Unofficially, Peoria hit 26° for a high today, 3/18/2023. The “average” high for this time of year, is 52°.

It was gloomy with flurries/ snow showers as well.

A viewer, Mike P., messaged me on Facebook asking, “when will we see 70s”? Warmer days/ warmer nights? Depends on how you classify “warm”? Our average high temperature hits 70 on May 2nd. Peoria has seen 71 in January before (1909). In the 2000s, the best we did was 67 in 2008. February 74 in 2017. March over the years has seen many, many 70+ readings. I doubt anyone is around to tell you about the week of March 22, 1907? 87 on the 22nd and 80s most of that week.
The CPC, Climate Prediction Center has us around “average” for temperatures and precipitation for the rest of March. Kinda vague, wouldn’t you say? My opinion, a bit wetter and compared to the “average”, cooler as we finish out March. I think the 40s-50s. The warmest March on record was in 2012, with an average temperature of 55.4. March gets on average, 2.77″ of rain, and 3″ of snow. 1926 had 18.2″ of snow.
The CPC thinks we will be a little warmer and wetter than average for the month of April.
I will always take warmer!
*Meteorologist Jeff Andrews