Peoria, ILL (WMBD)- Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. How does this weekend look compared to years past?

Over the upcoming weekend we’re looking at a warming trend with some light clouds. Temperatures will climb to the upper 80s by Memorial Day Monday.

A Rex blocking pattern will be over much of the Midwest. This is a common blocking pattern that refers to a set up similar to the image below. The block of a blocking pattern is when a traffic jam situation develops in the atmosphere. In this case our low pressure has parked over the east coast and isn’t leaving room for much change in the forecast. The area of low pressure to the east will continue to pull dry air in from the northeast, allowing highs to stay in the 80s and keeping the rain at bay.

As this area of low pressure moves off towards the east, temperatures will be able to climb into the low 90s just in time for the end of the month.

Below is a look at some of the statistics associated with Memorial Days we’ve seen in the past. This table does take into account that the date of this holiday is not the same year to year.

Normal High and Low Temperature (May 30)79° and 58°
Warmest High Temperature98° (5/30/1934)
Coldest High Temperature52° (5/30/1889)
Coldest Low Temperature34° (5/25/1992)
Warmest Low Temperature73° (5/30/1895)
Wettest Memorial Day1.94” (5/25/2020)
Frequency of Measurable Precipitation38.4% (53 of 138 years)
Frequency of Warm Temperatures41.3% (57 of 138 years) w/highs ≥80°
Frequency of Cool Temperatures17.4% (24 of 138 years) w/lows ≤50°
Sunrise and Sunset (May 31)5:31 am / 8:22 pm
Data from the National Weather Service

Overall our Memorial Day for 2023 will line up with the 41.3% of year with high temperatures above the 80s and will be added to the list of dry holidays we’ve seen.