Peoria, Ill. (WMBD) – The National Weather Service has conducted damage surveys and has confirmed that 4 tornadoes touched down in our local area on Monday with another in northern La Salle County. This includes one previously unknown touchdown near El Paso.

Roanoke Tornado EF-Unknown
4:28 pm – 4:29 pm
Path Length: 0.3 miles

According to the NWS – “The tornado briefly touched down in an open field about 3 miles north of Roanoke. It traveled to the northeast for about 3 tenths of a mile before dissipating without causing any damage.”

Washburn Tornado EF-0 (85 mph)
4:45 pm – 4:48 pm
Path Length: 2.3 miles

According the NWS – “Tornado touched down 3.4 miles ESE of Washburn along County Highway 2100 N and damaged the rood and walls of a barn and a couple of large trees, throwing the debris into a corn field to the northeast. The tornado continued moving to the northeast through open fields, eventually damaging another outbuilding along County Highway 2300 N.”

El Paso Tornado EF-Unknown
5:52 pm – 5:56 pm
Path Length: 2.5 miles

According to the NWS – “Tornado touched down in an open field about 2 miles SW of El Paso. Spotters viewed the tornado moving north-northeast before it became shrouded in rain as it crossed HWY 24 jest west of El Paso. The tornado did not cause any apparent damage before it dissipated in an open field about 1.5 miles to the WNW of El Paso.”

Other tornadoes were reported in Putnam and La Salle County but there was no known damage and no ratings were available.

Putnam County Tornado

4 miles SSW Florid at 5:47 PM

La Salle County Tornado

3 miles NE of Troy Grove at 6:30 pm

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