Severe Weather Preparation Week

Today is the final day of Severe Weather prep week. I have included some additional suggestions and ideas.

Watch vs Warning

I have encountered quite a few people who get confused with watches vs a warning.

Watch vs Warning

The key difference is “Imminent”.


  • Tend to include a bigger geographic area. It could include several counties or even a big portion of the state.
  • Usually a much longer time frame, several hours
  • Encourage you to plan


  • A county or portion of a county (smaller area).
  • Shorter time frame- 20 minutes to an hour.
  • Take cover

Preparedness kit: see graphic. One thing I’d add is a way to charge/ keep your cellphone charged

Prep kit

Ways to get alerts and keep informed:

Ways to keep informed:
  • Watch WMBD/ WYZZ
  • Our weather app- CIproud2go
  • Our website:
Some additional tips