Peoria, Ill. (WMBD) — Thanksgiving Day is here and this year we’re being treated to seasonal temperatures and mostly sunny skies, but have have weather conditions looked like during past Thanksgivings?

Peoria’s average date of the first measurable snow (≥ 0.1″) is November 26th. Looking back at past records we find Peoria has reported at least a trace of snow on Thanksgiving 28 times, 15 of which were considered measurable, and only once was it over an inch. So while snow is more common compared to Halloween, it’s still not a very common occurrence, particularly anything impactful.

Here’s a look at the weather statistics for Peoria on Thanksgiving courtesy of the National Weather Service in Central Illinois. The statistics compiled on this page use the last Thursday of November through 1941, and the fourth Thursday from 1942 to present. These were measured in downtown Peoria from 1883 to 1904, Bradley University from 1905 to 1943, and at Peoria International Airport since 1943.

Normal High and Low Temperature47° and 30°
Warmest High Temperature68° (11/25/1915)
Coldest High Temperature19° (11/27/1930)
Warmest Low Temperature54° (11/24/1966)
Coldest Low Temperature-1° (11/23/1950)
Wettest Thanksgiving1.80″ (11/28/1968)
Snowiest Thanksgiving4.0″ (11/30/1893)
Greatest Snow Depth7.0″ (11/27/1975)
Frequency of Measured Precipitation33.1% (46 of 139 Years)
Frequency of Measurable Snowfall (0.1″)10.8% (15 of 139 Years)
Frequency of Mild Temperatures (Highs ≥ 50°)31.7% (44 of 139 Years)
Frequency of Cold Temperatures (Lows ≤ 20°)28.7% (26 of 139 Years)
Sunrise and Sunset6:56 am and 4:35 pm