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Thursday, June 21 Storm Reports and Heavy Rainfall

An Interesting weather setup results in a tornado and several funnels Thursday afternoon... 

The same stalled out boundary that has been largely responsible for impressive rainfall totals also helped to produce several funnels across Central Illinois Thursday afternoon, June 21, 2018. On Thursday, June 21, 2018 an occluded front extended through Central Illinois from a low pressure over northwest Iowa. The quasi-stationary front and a cold front met at the occluded front. Although directional shear lacked, the occluded front--the stationary and cold fronts coming together-- added ample rotation or spin to the atmosphere; this allowed for funnels to quickly spin up.

 Most funnels dissipated just as quickly as they formed. At 12:33 pm, Spotternetwork reported a funnel cloud 3/4 of the way to the ground in Abingdon (Knox County). A second funnel cloud was spotted near Brimfield (Peoria County) at 1:35 pm. This funnel quickly dissipated once the rain began to fall. The public reported a third funnel cloud near San Jose (Tazewell County) at 3:25 pm. 

Only two funnels successfully made it all the way to the ground. At 12:30 pm, law enforcement confirmed a tornado just west of Yates City (Knox County). No damage has been reported. Later that afternoon, at 7:20 pm, the public reported a landspout tornado in southeast Fulton County. Landspout tornadoes' circulation is so weak that radar cannot detect them. No one was injured and no damage has been reported with Thursday's weak tornadoes. 

Rainfall totals Tuesday, June 19 through Friday, June 22 were impressive to say the least. Training storms, or storms moving repeatedly over the same areas, resulted in flooding and enhanced rainfall totals. Since the same quasi-stationary front sat over the area for more than one week, grand rainfall totals in excess of four inches for many locations were not surprising. Below are reported rainfall totals from Tuesday, June 19 through Friday morning, June 22...Keep in mind that thunderstorm rainfall totals often vary significantly in such short distances! 

  •  La Rose (Marshall County): 6.30"   
  • Cullom (Livingston County): 4.50"
  • N Normal (McLean County): 4.05" 
  • Canton (Fulton County): 4.00" 
  • WMBD TV (Peoria County): 2.60" 
  • Bartonville (Peoria County): 2.50" 
  • Germantown Hills (Woodford County): 2.35" 
  • Downs (McLean County): 2.05" 
  • Cooksville (McLean County): 1.28"  
  • Eureka (Woodford County): 1.66" 

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