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Mother’s Day is on the way for the weekend, but some planets are on the way to our skies as well.

While Saturn will be closest to the moon on the morning of Saturday, May 13th, the planet will be visible the whole weekend. The best time to view Saturn will be early in the morning before dawn, looking to the southeast. The planet will be easy to view for much of the month as it continues to drift away from the sun during dawn.

After Saturn makes its close swing by our moon, Jupiter won’t be too far behind. By the dawn hours of May 15th-17th Jupiter will be visible near our moon when you look to the east. By this point in the month, the moon will be in a waning crescent stage. Less light will reflect off the moon, keeping the skies darker for Jupiter’s arrival.

The best way to see these planets in the night sky is on a clear or mostly clear night in an area away from city light. You won’t need a telescope to see either Jupiter or Saturn.