If you are caught outside in a storm… 

NO safe place outside exists during a thunderstorm, but these tips would help reduce your risk of being struck by lightning… 

  • Avoid open fields and the top of a hill/ridge 
  • Stay away from tall trees/objects 
  • Stay away from water, wet items, and metal objects  

NOTE: A tent or a picnic shelter will NOT protect you from lightning. 

When you are inside during a thunderstorm… 

  • Don’t touch electrical equipment or electronics plugged into the wall 
  • Stay off corded phones and avoid plumbing 
  • Stay away from windows and doors, and stay off porches 
  • Do not lie on concrete floors or lean against concrete walls   

When you are inside a car during a thunderstorm… 

You are safe from lightning inside a hardtop car as long as you do the following: 

  • Close all windows 
  • Don’t touch metal objects inside the car 
  • Pull over on the side of the road & turn on your hazard lights