Before a tornado… 

  • Make sure all family members know the tornado safe location in your home 
  • Store an emergency kit in your safe location 
  • Identify where to go if you are at work or school 
  • Make a family communications plan  

Preparing your pets… 

  • Get your pets ready at the first sign of an approaching storm 
  • Put your dog on a leash and your cat in a carrier 
  • Move all pets to the shelter well ahead of the storm 
  • Include pet food and medicines in your emergency kit

 During a tornado:  

  • Go to a safe location away from windows on the lowest level of a sturdy building 
  • If you are caught outside, get in a car, buckle up, and try to drive to the closest sturdy shelter. NEVER seek shelter under a bridge, and only lie flat in a ditch as a last resort.  
  • Go to a secure storm shelter if you are in a mobile home  

After a tornado: 

  • Beware of downed power lines, broken gas lines, and sharp/dangerous debris 
  • Avoid damaged areas 
  • Stay off the roads to allow rescue workers clear passage 
  • Follow instructions from local officials