1. Giving “Suits” You Donation Drive 
    • That Guy’s Secret is giving back to the community with its “Giving Suits You” Clothing drive. 
    • From now until January 31st, bring your gently-used professional attire to That Guy’s Secret in Northwoods Mall, one of our fantastic Riparian members. 
    • Professional clothing for all genders is needed and all items received will be donated to the Dream Center Peoria. 
  1. Wine & Cheese Under the Stars with the Peoria Riverfront Museum 
    • Enjoy an evening of delicious food, wine and the latest news from space in the Peoria Riverfront Museum’s newly updated planetarium on Saturday, January 22 at 7 p.m.
    • Each guest will receive an individual charcuterie box featuring nice cheeses, fruits, nuts and more from Canterbury Creations plus up to three glasses of wine. 
    • During the event, the Museum will share the latest science on our very own star, the sun, and updates from the Parker Solar Probe and other space telescopes. 
    • Fun Fact, in May, the Museum unveiled the world’s most advanced planetarium system! 
      1. It features 3D models and instant real-time access to an extensive cloud of astronomy and science databases from NASA and NOAA to universities and planetariums worldwide, including the latest planetarium shows.
    • Tickets for Museum members are $45 and tickets for the public are $55. 
  1. 2022 Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association Convention
  • This week we’re so excited to welcome the 2022 Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association Convention to the Peoria Civic Center. 
  • The convention is in town the next few days and it’s amazing to be able to welcome them to our downtown area and show off our communities. 
  • Having conventions like the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association in town is crucial because just this event alone brings in $647,069 in Direct Economic Impact which creates $48,969 in local taxes. 
  • In the next coming weeks, we’re excited to welcome other big conventions like the Illinois Music Education Association for their 2022 Illinois Music Education Conference also at the Peoria Civic Center. 

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