PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Stroke Nurse Coordinator with OSF Healthcare Jan Jahnel explains what warning signs you can look out for to prevent a major medical emergency.

May is stroke awareness month. As communities navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, health officials want the communities they serve to be assured that even though they have suspended non-essential health care services, emergency care should not be delayed.

Jahnel said patient safety is the hospital’s utmost priority and patients can feel confident they are taking strict precautions with isolating COVID-19 patients and using protective equipment to ensure their hospitals are safe locations.

Persons experiencing warning signs for serious medical emergencies, such as stroke, should not delay treatment.

Jahnel also discussed the signs and symptoms of a stroke. She encourages people to do video check-ins with family members, to see how they are doing. The bottom line is people should not put off medical emergencies.

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